Happiness Quotes

Happiness quotes helps in understanding the value of life and motivate us through providing the knowledge of how life should be spent. Happiness is said can be derived from not big but small things in life like praising the beauty of a flower or the softness of a baby or even the purity of a soul. These quotes are great experiences put into words and they can help considerably in inspiring the reader. A famous and very true happiness related quote by Confucius goes as

We take greater pains to persuade others we are happy than in trying to think so ourselves.

Truly said happiness is in our mind. Like mentioned earlier happiness can be derived from anything we want it to. People often depart on the “only if” journey which tends to make them unhappy most of the time. Only if I could get a highly paid job or only if I would find true love or only if my dreams come true, these are the main hindrances in our lives that take away happiness. A very famous happiness quote by Frederick Keonig states

We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.

It’s all about how you see things in life. The art of being happy is as simple and as hard as you make it to be. Many individuals who know the skills of deriving happiness from the petty things in life will agree that it is not a difficult task but getting to acquire this skill is what is needed initially. You can start by thinking of some happy moments of life, think of what is was actually that made you happy. You will find that it was not the obtaining of a certain thing or the company of some special individual rather it was the thought that you were happy that made the moment special.

 If you focus further on in the moment you will realize that there were good and bad things present even then but it was you who decided to look on the good aspect of life and ignore the bad one. If we were to stay unhappy on bad things in life there is never a moment when there is absolutely nothing bad going on in life. It is us and our mind that chooses to forget the bad and cherish the good in any given moment. So buck up and try to find the good in every moment of life.